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 Science Faculty
  • Mr. Binu Mathew(HOD)
  • Mrs. Jaseela Naufal
  • Mrs.Rufee shakeel parker
  • Mrs.Anita.S
  • Mrs. Sarika Rawat
  • Mrs. Suja ¬†Chockalingam
  • Miss.Ayesha Sulthana(Lab Assistant)
  • Mrs. Neethu Prathishedh
  • Mrs.Sini T.V
 Department of Science
Department of Science at Integrated Indian School is well equipped with a trained and motivated teaching faculty and an excellent lab facility. From Class-I to Senior secondary school, students at the INTEGRATED INDIAN SCHOOL, engage in a study of science that promotes scientific understanding and habits of mind that enable them to make sense of how the natural and designed world work. The work that students do at every grade level is hands on, collaborative, built upon observation and problem solving. We intend to stimulate and support students as they build an understanding of what science has shown us about the world and their own skills in thinking and working like scientific researchers. Students encounter important concepts repeatedly, achieving a deeper understanding and a greater degree of skill with each encounter. Equal emphasis is placed on developing knowledge of key science concepts and the ability to think critically and independently. On the whole, Integrated Indian School enables the students to develop the capacity for applying scientific reasoning, evaluate alternative explanations of events, make sensible decisions based on evidence, and promote the common good or the pursuit of knowledge through participation in the scientific enterprise. 

Teaching Methodology:-
1. Group Discussion
2. Lecture-demonstration by teacher
3. Crossword puzzles
4. Open textbook study
5. Use of slides
6. Use of filmstrips
7. Use of motion pictures, educational films, videotapes
8. Use of theater motion pictures
9. Use of recordings
10. Use of radio programs
11. Use of television

1)Experiments 2)Science Quiz 3) Science Project/Model preparation 4)Science Seminar 
5)Poster making competition 6)Science Exhibition 7)Collection of Data 8) Science Olympiad Examination

The following factors need to be considered while using tools
1) Balance
2) Objectivity
3) Discrimination
4) Relevance
5) Fairness
6) Validity
7) Speed
8) Reliability

Evaluation Tool:-
1) Assignment
2) Slip Test
3) Quiz
4) Debate
5) Lab Activity
6) Model preparation

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