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 Chairman's Message

"The Greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering attitudes of mind". You must have the determination to succeed. For this you have to build positive self esteem about yourself.
 Morning Assembly
Morning Assembly Presentation is not just a compulsory ritual of school life but it is an scared affair to begin with a disciplined and,  an organized day. As the students get into their respective lines in the assembly, they get the message that school is in session and they get ready to follow the pattern set out for the day.

IIS feels that School Assembly inculcates discipline among the students. They learn patience as they stand quietly in their respective lines. Our morning assembly presentations offer a lineup of great messages to educate your students. These types of school presentations can deliver any number of important memorable messages.

We at IIS start our day with the recitation of verses from the holy Quran followed by the translation in English, which inculcates discipline and moral values to the students. Then we have the salutation of the Kuwait Flag followed by the Kuwaiti National Anthem. Reading important news is a part and parcel of the School Assembly; the students also present some special items which include songs, dances, and quizzes. There are judges appointed to evaluate the morning assembly presentations. And at the year end the results are declared for the best morning assembly presentation of the class and also best house assembly.
IIS occasionally invites special guest in Special assemblies to honour the performance of the best students academically and also students of overall performances in other co curricular activities.
Special Assembly Presentations schedule for the year

  1. Earth Day
  2. School Founders Day
  3.  Labour’s Day
  4. Mother’s Day
  5. Teacher’s Day
  6. Gandhi Jayanti
  7. Children’s Day
  8. Eid-Al Adha
  9. Diwali
  10. Christmas & New Year
  11. Eid Al Milad ( Prophet Mohammed’s birthday)
  12. Republic Day
  13. Kuwait National and Liberation Day

We have to our credit the beautiful class assemblies’ presentations and also the Dept. Assemblies presentations.

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