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 Mathematics Faculty
  • Mrs. Smitha Ajayan (HOD)
  • Mrs.Bindhu Biju
  • Mr. Ruby Ponnachan
  • Mrs. Reena Mary Saji
  • Mrs.Sheena Sara John
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas
  • Mrs. Reena Benny
  • Mrs.Jumana Furveen Fakrudeen
  • Mrs. Joycy George
 Department of Mathematics
‘Mathematics’ being the ‘Queen of all Sciences’ comprises:
M-Miracle of Nature A - Art of Arithmetic
T - Techniques of Geometry
H - Habit of Problem-solving
E - Evolution of civilization
M - Magic of Numbers
A - Application of Rules
T - Tool of knowledge
C - Creativity of Algebra
S - Science of Learning
The Mathematics Department in Integrated Indian School, Kuwait is blessed with highly qualified and competent teachers who cater the hour’s need of logical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. We inspire our children to link the concepts with other subjects and utilize their experience to apply them in real-life situations.


To face the challenges in the subject, by visualizing the basic Mathematical concepts and arriving at concrete results through experimentation, we provide with a Math lab. It enables the teachers to demonstrate basic mathematical skills –to survey, collect, organize and analyze data, to use geometrical instruments etc. It also helps the students to initiate any work related to Mathematics and to thus reach a conclusion through activity approach.


Group discussions
Maths lab activities
Project works
Charts, models and displays
Puzzles and games


Teachers enrich the Math club members with recent developments in the subject. Our children get inspired through Vedic Mathematics, games ,riddles and puzzles, and are encouraged to go deeper in the subject.


As a part of our co-curricular activities we conduct an inter house Math Quiz every year Selection of participants is done class wise, through inter class and quizzes and other activities.

As Horace Mann says ’’The teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron’’ .Hence we inspire our children through motivation and appreciation and thus activate and guide them to effectively make use of the tools and techniques of Mathematics in their daily life requirements.

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