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 Chairman's Message

"The Greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering attitudes of mind". You must have the determination to succeed. For this you have to build positive self esteem about yourself.
 Department of Kuwait

 ‘Kuwait is our second home‘
Departments of K.S.S allows students to recognize and evaluate wide range of human achievements and aspirations of the Arab world. It promotes the understanding of social economics, political scientific and technological issues of the country- Kuwait. Department of K.S.S consists of group facilities that motivate the students to learn and understand more about the country besides their regular syllabus.
Every year special assembly is conducted to pay homage to the national flag of Kuwait. We celebrate the liberation of Kuwait and national day.
As a part of the national day celebrations students are encouraged to wear the national attire of Kuwait.
Children are asked to bring Arab food and they are encouraged to share it with friends to give them better understanding of the food culture of the Arab world
Class wise and house wise quiz competitions are conducted.
Exhibitions are conducted on the topic ‘life in Kuwait
Various class activities like chart making, debate and group discussions are held to provide students with a thorough understanding on the culture and life style of Kuwait.

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