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 French Faculty
  • Mrs. Bharathi Ganjimutt (HOD)
  • Mr. Mohammed Tawfiek
 French Department

French is the second most widely taught language in the world, after English. Apart from English, French is the only “International” language, being spoken in 5 continents. French is definitely a language to be known these days.

The importance of foreign language study can be best realized by studying one. The feeling of accomplishment you get on learning a foreign language, the enrichment in you that the language brings, can be felt only by experience. Languages are the means of expression. They are the links that join diverse cultures. Knowing many languages improves one’s cognitive skills and interpretive abilities. Foreign language study is indeed rewarding.

  1. There are many benefits associated with learning a foreign language at an early age.
  2. First, learning a language of another country helps one understand its culture.
  3. Having studied a foreign language, one can understand one’s own language better.
  4. Certain courses & colleges require at least two years of learning of any foreign language study for admission.
  5. Tourism, communication, advertising, education and engineering require the knowledge of foreign language.

After research and study it is established that French is one of the most important foreign language.


  • Quiz Contests
  • Group Discussion
  • Chart Work
  • Creative Writing
  • Dialogue Play
  • Special Assembly
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