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 English Faculty
  • Mrs Cathy Thomas (HOD)
  • Mr. Sanju Samuel
  • Mr. Jeldo K A
  • Mrs.Sithara Narayana
  • Mrs.Mini Rajesh
  • Mrs. Samiya Begum
  • Mrs. Tanzim Nuzhat
  • Mrs.Sona Sunish
  • Mrs.Silpa Vinod
 Department of English
"If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the childearns" 
-- Rita Dunn

Language plays a crucial role in the life of man. It helps him share with others his thoughts, feelings and experiences. This verbal sharing which makes it possible for him to lead a meaningful life as member of a social group.

English is an important International Language. It is through English by and large, that the students can keep himself abreast of the latest developments in different fields of knowledge. It is important therefore, that the English language be learnt effectively.

English, as medium of instruction was introduced in India by Lord William Bentick. English language has played a great part in the national life of our Country. The knowledge of English language enabled our leaders to cross swords with the foreign rulers and on the public platforms in the legislatures in their own language. In fact English is no more, the language of the English people only but it has become an International language. 

Through our teaching, the English Department of Integrated Indian School, Kuwait promotes the study of language and literature in all its forms to show case the societies.

  1. To develop the four basic skills of listening, reading and writing with the ability of thinking.
  2.  To use English in real life situations.
  3. To develop certain Universal values to become a member of an enlightened society.
  4. To acquire knowledge and appreciate beauty through poetry.
  5.  To enlarge vocabulary and to be creative and independent.
  6. To build love for the nation and to be aware of changing technology and communication.


Story writing / narration Elocution Extempore
Dramatization Dialogue Poster Making
Slogan Writing Enactment of Advertisement Book Review
Power Point Presentation Spell Bee Quiz
Declamation Dumb Charade Radio talk Show
Debate Role Play J.A.M


  1. Dramatisation Method
  2. Power point presentation
  3. Activity Method
  4. Story Method
  5. Deducation Method
  6. Comphrehension Method
  7. Technological Method
  8. Discussion Method
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